Ryan’s Story


In memory of Ryan Patrick Halligan 

1989 - 2003

Documents for Student Presentation

Letter Template for Parent Notification of Upcoming Assembly
Introduction of John Halligan to be Used for the Assembly
Requests to Help the Assembly Go Well
Suggested Classroom Activities as a Followup to Assembly
4-3-2-1 Classroom Reflection Worksheet

Documents for Parent Presentation

(if scheduled)

Parent Presentation Advertiser Template (word version)
Parent Presentation Advertiser Template (pdf version)
Parenting Suggestions Regarding Technology Handout
Cell Phone Contract Example Handout

Documents Providing Overview of Programs

Feel free to share with staff and parents if needed

Overview of Student Presentation
Overview of Parent Presentation

 Scheduling Guidelines


The parent presentation is 90 minutes and is usually scheduled 7PM - 8:30PM.


There are two format options for the student presentation to allow scheduling flexibility.


1) 75 minutes of seat-time - 45 minutes of storytelling plus 30 minutes of Q&A

2) 60 minutes of seat-time - 45 minutes of storytelling plus 15 minutes of key takeaways


Please note these are seat-times, an additional allocation should be made for seating and exit of the students.

 Technology Requirements


I will use my own laptop and I will have all the necessary interface cables to connect to your projection and audio system.


I will need you to provide a screen, projector and audio system including microphone and the ability to connect to my laptop for sound.  I will have many audio adapters and connectors including a direct interface box with me if needed to make the laptop audio connection work.  I do not require internet access.


I will have my presentation available on a thumb drive too if the school system only allows use of their computer as part of the AV system.  The format will be Keynote and PowerPoint.  However, please make sure your software is up to date.


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